Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive continuing education credit for attending your seminars?

Our programs qualify for a variety of continuing education credits. Please see About the Seminars – Continuing Education Credits for details.

Can I get self-study credit for Tax Education, Inc. materials?

No, the materials are not approved for self-study credit.

Can I get the course materials mailed to me prior to the seminar?

No, your materials will be available when you arrive at the seminar.

Which credit cards do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

Can I just pay at the door?

Walk-in registrations are on a space-available basis. You are strongly encouraged to pre-register to guarantee admission.

What if I can’t attend?

If you cannot attend the program you registered for, you may cancel up to the day before the program, send a substitute or transfer to another location of the same program.

What is the refund policy?

You may cancel at any time prior to the day of the program. All cancellation refunds are subject to a $10 administrative fee. No refund will be made if you do not notify us before the date of the program, however we will send you copies of the course materials upon request.

Will I receive a confirmation?

No confirmation will be sent. However, if you register online you will receive an automated email receipt.

Do you cancel programs in the event of snow, ice or other weather conditions?

Except for the Joplin tornado, we have never canceled a program due to weather. You should assume that the program will be held as scheduled. If necessary, any weather related schedule updates will be posted on the Home page of our website.

How do you calculate the early-bird discount?

You count the day of the seminar NOT as Day 1, but as Day Zero (say it is a Wednesday, for example.) The day before the seminar Tuesday counts as 1 day before the seminar, the day before that as 2 days before, and so on. (Weekends and holidays count as normal days, since our online registration and fax operate 24/7.) If we receive your fax or online registration 10 or more days before, or if your mailed registration is postmarked by that date, the discount applies. If we receive it or it is postmarked 9 days before, it does not qualify for the discount.

Do I get a discount if I register more than one person?

The discount we offer is per person, based on time received, regardless of the number of people. If you register 3 people during the early-bird period (10 days or more before the class; see above), the discount is $10 x 3 = $30. After the early-bird period has expired, no other discount is available.

Why do you need my phone, fax number and email?

We need this in case there are problems with your credit cards or checks, as well as to notify you if there are schedule changes or to advise you of any necessary information. We do not share your information with anyone.

What is your policy about student information?

We keep all of your information private except to the extent necessary to process credit card payments and to respond to audit requests by state boards of accountancy or other agencies that license you.


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